Junior German Assistant Programme

Vision of a Globalised World?

Such a vision cannot be realised without young people of Europe and the world getting to know each other, the culture and, above all, the language of the respective other country. Especially, they should seize their function as mediators.

SCHOOL, as an institution, is the best possible place for such mutual learning processes.  As TEACHING AND BOARDING ASSISTANT you are teaching and learning at the same time – a win-win situation! Embark on that adventure!

One Year Abroad?

The final exams draw nearer – many future high-school graduates are worried about: 

“What next? One year away from home – wouldn’t that be a good idea?”

To be able to act inbdependently in another country for the first time will give you some distance as well as the chance of a new orientation. You will get to know another country, its people and its culture at first hand, enhance and improve your English skills in particular and will achieve self-reliance which is absolutely necessary both at university and at your job later on.

The possibilities such as language holidays, studying abroad or Work & Travel programmes are manifold – but the costs…

The Junior German Assistant Programme of the Gudrun Frey Stiftung (Gudrun Frey Foundation), in contrast, offers a comparatively affordable and highly worthwhile and rewarding alternative: a position as TEACHING AND BOARDING ASSISTANT.

Rosa Maria Haschke, as the chairwoman of the Gudrun Frey Stiftung, is head of the programme. She is supported by a team: Uta Conrady, Christoph Däßler, Anna Schwalbe, Franziska Bürglen, and Maren Neumann.

Venture the step of spending a year as TEACHING AND BOARDING ASSISTANT at a school in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Thailand or South Africa. 


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